Snack less

I wish to snack less but cannot resist that 50 gram chocolate bar. What should I do?


It is not easy to resist chocolate for more than a short while: only a few people can. If people decide to snack less, they often appeal to their willpower: the ability to say ‘No’ to something they wish to have, but really do not allow themselves to have. Unfortunately, it is people with a  blind confidence in their willpower that fail. Willpower is a great asset, but it is quickly depleted. Funnily enough, people who seem to have the most willpower use it the least. People with a lot of willpower have already thought of smart routines to resist chocolate and other temptations and  therefore do not find it hard to keep up a healthy behaviour. They simply do not buy chocolate or keep the bar in the back of the cupboard, out of sight. Replacing chocolate by healthier habits is another good solution: the little willpower you have can be reserved for emergencies.