Online Meet and Great: 24 February 2021

Do you want to know more about Legal Research? Register for the annual Meet & Greet session with our students! They can tell you all about their specialisations, their own experiences with doing research, and the possibilities this degree offers. This session takes place Wednesday February 24 from 17-18h via Zoom. You can contact the student assistant Annika van Kouterik via email for any content related matters of the Legal Research Master's programme. 

Judged best in their field

The highly regarded Keuzegids Master’s Selection Guide 2019 ranked Utrecht University’s Legal Research programme as the best in their field in the Netherlands. With a score of 90 out of 100, the Research Master Legal Research has been assessed the best in its category.

Would you like to know more about studying Legal Research at Utrecht University? Have a look at our video to get an impression. 

Are you curious, analytical and ready to take on new challenges in a dynamic academic environment? Are you interested in writing academic texts, engaging in debate, and tackling complicated legal issues? Would you like to be given the opportunity to complete an in-depth Master’s-level programme in law that extends beyond the standard one-year period? If so, the two-year Legal Research Master’s at Utrecht University may be the perfect choice for you!

Take advantage of a growing need for legal researchers

For legal practitioners and academics alike, legal research skills are increasingly important. Universities and research centres, but also law firms, companies, courts, non-governmental organisations and public authorities all have a need for thorough, well-trained lawyers with excellent writing skills and a research-oriented mindset. The Legal Research programme will help you to become the type of well-rounded lawyer that our changing society needs.

Become a perceptive and analytic thinker

Our complex, pluralist, and constantly developing society is in clear need of sharp analytical thinkers. Traditional law courses do not always provide graduates with the required knowledge and skills to meet this demand. Utrecht University developed the two-year Legal Research Master’s programme to fill this gap. This programme offers both an excellent foundation for further PhD studies and a strong preparation for a career as a legal practitioner in the commercial, public service or academic sectors. As part of this programme, you will complete courses in legal research skills as well as substantive courses in your chosen field. You will spend approximately one year engaged in legal research projects and writing a Master thesis.

  • Lots of what I currently do is linked to skills and ways of working that I learned during my master’s time at Utrecht
  • During the Legal Research Master’s programme, students develop their own field of interest


Degree: This Master's programme is officially registered under its name in the Central Register of Higher Education Study Programmes
  • Title: LLM
  • Master's degree in: Legal Research (research)
  • Programme: Legal Research
Accredited by the NVAO
Croho code:
Language of instruction:
Part- or full-time status:
2 years
Credits: 60 credits equals one year full-time study load (European Credit Transfer System, ECTS)
Start of studies:
Application deadline:
  • Dutch & EU/EER students: 1 June
  • Non-EU/EEA students: 1 April
Tuition fees:
Law, Economics and Governance 
Graduate school:
Law, Economics and Governance