Open Science Framework

With Open Science Framework (OSF), you can:

  • Manage your project
    Keep all your files in one centralized location, including preregistrations, preprints, code, data, protocols, etc.

  • Easy collaboration
    Anyone can create an account (e.g., with your ORCID) and be added as collaborator in a project.

  • Control access
    Share only what's relevant by creating public or private (sub)projects.

  • Use third-party services to store data and code
    You can connect selected third-party services like GitHub, Dataverse or Figshare directly to your project to store your data and code.

  • Publish your output with a license and a persistent identifier
    OSF allows for publication of output stored at OSF. Be sure to add a DOI and a license to allow citation and reuse.

Go to Open Science Framework. On this page you'll find the guide to help you use Open Science Framework.

We do not recommend using OSF storage for storing personal data, since Utrecht University does not have a processing agreement with OSF. Use the storage finder to find a suitable alternative.