Data management planning

In this concise guide, you read more on the benefits of writing a data management plan (DMP), followed by some tips to get you started in writing your own. 


1. The benefits of data management planning

A data management plan is a formal document you develop at the start of your research project which outlines all aspects of managing your data, both during and after your project. Data management is all about making your work efficient, and create more value for your data for yourself and others, during and after your research. For instance by working towards FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable, reusable) or Open data. Thinking about data management at the start of your project will ensure that you are well prepared. The following advantages are within your reach with good data management planning:

 Image with the benefits of data management planning
Interview with Chantal Kemner, director of the YOUth programme
Chantal Kemner explains the importance of good data management for the YOUth programme of which she is the director.

2. Writing your own data management plan

When writing your own data management plan (DMP) consider the following:

  1. Use the guidance that is available
    At Utrecht University, we use the web-based tool DMPonline in which you can fill in your data management plan online. The template offered by Utrecht University is tailored to the requirements which are laid down in the University Policy Framework for Research Data. If you use our template, you will be more than ready for any requirements your funder may impose. Most funders only ask a subset of the questions which Utrecht University recommends. We have the Utrecht University DMP template also available in Word.  
  2. Need more information or an introduction?
    Follow the online training 'Learn to write your DMP'
  3. Don't know how to get started?
    If you are in need of advice or want your DMP reviewed, you can contact the experts of Research Data Management Support anytime.