Research engineers

How can I train an algorithm to recognize animal sounds? What do I do if my calculations are too large or complicated to run on my own laptop? Researchers of all domains increasingly require the use of digital technologies in their work. Our research engineers cater to this need by collaborating with researchers in projects and consulting them on research IT matters.

Our goal is to increase research impact through advanced digital technologies.

Roel Brouwer, team coordinator

Skills and expertise 

We are a diverse team of Research Engineers with combined experience in software engineering and academic research. Our engineers have backgrounds in i.e. computer science, data science, physics, Earth and environmental sciences.

Our skills and expertise include:

  • high performance computing;
  • machine learning;
  • natural language processing;
  • computer modelling and simulations;
  • data analysis;
  • Python, R, MATLAB, FORTRAN, Docker, Shiny and much more.

Knowledge hub

We act as a knowledge hub where expertise gained in temporary projects are safeguarded and used for cross-pollination across domains. At the same time, we provide a collaborative community for researchers and IT staff at Utrecht University.

Contact us

Talk to us directly during the Walk-In Hours on research data and software in the University Library (USP). You can also contact us via, or fill in this form to request our support directly.