Storing and managing data

Here you will find a range of IT solutions for storing and managing data. Choose your goal and follow the links.

Data management solutions

Overview of data management (related) solutions which support your research workflow.

1. Solutions which Utrecht University supports:

  • Yoda - Yoda is a research data management service that enables researchers from Utrecht University and their partners to securely deposit, share, publish and preserve large amounts of research data during all stages of a research project.
  • DataverseNL - DataverseNL is a research data repository. A platform where researchers and their collaborators can deposit, share and publish their datasets openly. Here you'll find the guide to DataverseNL.
  • eLabJournal - eLabJournal is an electronic lab notebook that helps researchers in laboratories to streamline their workflows.

2. Recommended external solutions:

  • SURFfilesender - With SURFfilesender you can securely send research data (max. 500 GB). It is suitable for (privacy) sensitive data. You can send your files extra securely using encryption (max. 2 GB).
  • Open Science Framework - With Open Science Framework you can easily support your research project.

Data storage solutions

There is a range of storage solutions available to host your research data. The most appropriate storage solution will depend on factors like the type of data, size, rate of growth, retention, performance, access, etc. Use the Data Storage Finder to guide you through the range of IT solutions for storing and managing data.

Data Storage Finder

Data Repository Solutions

With the Data Repository Finder you choose a generic data repository that fits your needs when sharing and publishing your research data.

Data Repository Finder