FAIR Cheatsheets: to publish your research data and software FAIR

You want to publish your data or code according the Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable (FAIR) principles. But how can you do this? To help you publish FAIR, we introduce FAIR Cheatsheets. These cheatsheets are designed to guide you in publishing data and code following the FAIR principles, enabling your research to have a broader impact and openness on your work.

Who can benefit from FAIR cheatsheets? 

Every researcher, student, or staff member who wants to publish (research) data or code according to the FAIR principles can use the FAIR Cheatsheets. Whether you're a newcomer to data and code publishing or seeking to enhance your existing practices, these cheatsheets serve as practical, applicable tools.

Using FAIR Cheatsheets for your Research

Download or open the FAIR cheatsheets here. At the moment, there are two cheatsheets available:

  • one for data publishing and
  • one for publishing code.

Pick the cheatsheet relevant to your work. Each cheatsheet is divided into two pages:

  • a front page containing step-by-step instructions for achieving FAIR publishing, and
  • a back page housing a README template.

By following the instructions on the front page, you can systematically publish your data and code according to the FAIR principles. The provided checkboxes help you track your progress through the process.

What are the advantages of FAIR Cheatsheets?

The concept of publishing data and code according to the FAIR principles can be daunting, especially for researchers new to the concept. Our cheatsheets break down these principles into manageable and actionable tasks, suitable for researchers, students, and staff alike. By adhering to the cheatsheets, you can potentially enhance the impact of your data and code without dedicating excessive time to the publishing process.

Contribute to the cheatsheets

Your insights and expertise are invaluable in refining and extending the FAIR Cheatsheets. We invite you to be a part of this initiative by contributing to the enhancement and expansion of the cheatsheets. Check it here for how to contribute to the cheatsheets.


For your feedback on the cheatsheets or for questions about using them, please contact us via info.rdm@uu.nl. We are there to help you.

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