Utrecht University pursues integrity, sustainability and transparency in dealing with research data. Research Data Management Support offers the associated training, tools, guidance and support.

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On 1 January 2016, the University Policy Framework for Research Data came into force. 

This policy is intended to set out the parameters to safeguard the quality, availability and accessibility of research data within Utrecht University. It provides a basis for evaluating compliance with laws, regulations and codes of conduct. Furthermore, it clarifies the various roles and responsibilities of university staff in managing research data. Deans have to draw up faculty guidelines and ensure that research institute directors implement both the University Policy Framework and the faculty guidelines. 

To facilitate researchers to adhere to their responsibilities, this website was set up as a portal to Research Data Management Support.

Research Data Management Support

RDM Support consists of a multidisciplinary network of Utrecht University data experts, with expertise on general RDM issues, IT solutions, information security, privacy, legal and ethical issues in the context of research data management. RDM Support is coordinated by Utrecht University Library and Information & Technology Services. The goals of our services and support are:

  • Increase awareness on the merits of research data management;
  • Making your research data management easier and more efficient;
  • Making Utrecht University research more visible; 
  • Facilitating interdisciplinary research; 
  • Increasing the trustworthiness of science;  
  • Making science as open as possible

 We support researchers with a one-stop shop for Utrecht University research data management services, tips, tools, training, workshops and solutions.

Research Data Management Support

Research data management as part of Open Science

To follow up on the ambitions formulated in the strategic plan 2016-2020, Utrecht University wants to make science more open and more reliable, efficient and relevant to society. The scope of the topic of open science is broad and represents a new approach to all stages of the scientific process: from open access to publications, sharing of research datasets, developing new research evaluation systems, to public engagement and citizen science.

RDM Support is dedicated to providing and developing the support, tools and infrastructure that Utrecht University researchers need to practice open science.