Open Call for applications

Do you want to use digital tools, methods or algorithms in your research? Do you need expertise to be able to apply these or to develop/improve your own tools?   

The research engineers of RDM Support can help you apply or develop sustainable and robust research software.  

We support UU researchers from all fields at various stages of their research: from social sciences to natural sciences, from junior to senior researchers, from planning to execution. We offer combined expertise in software engineering, academic research, and IT infrastructure..  

Examples of projects we can help you with are: 

  • Applying Machine Learning or AI for various tasks 
  • Converting (manual) tasks into an automated (reusable) data processing pipeline.   
  • Implementing a new feature for your existing software, creating a test suite or converting it to a package.  

Check our projects page for an overview for past and current projects. 

Request for support 

Fill in the request form and describe the project, the problems you are facing and which type of support you need. We will schedule a meeting with you for an intake in which you can discuss your request in more detail. 

You can submit your request any time. There is no deadline for this call. 

Selection of projects 

We work collaboratively and iteratively since we depend on the researchers' domain expertise to guide the project. In addition, we are supporters of open science. Both aspects weigh strongly in the selection of the projects we work on. 

Selected projects will receive 0.25 FTE of our support, possibly spread over one year and multiple engineers. If your request is rejected, you will still receive at least one consultation meeting with research engineers on your project. 

Contact and information 

For more information and questions, you can reach us at