Publishing and sharing data

At Utrecht University we aim to make data publicly available whenever possible. To maximise the visibility and re-useability of data; we encourage researchers to follow the FAIR principles.

Publishing data in a repository

If you want to make your data (openly) available to the general public and make it FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable, reusable), citable and comply with funder requirements, you can consider publishing it in a public data repository.

Publishing in a data journal

You may also consider publishing your dataset in a peer-reviewed data journal. Data journals are publications whose primary purpose is to expose data sets. They enable you as an author to focus on the data itself, rather than producing an extensive analysis of the data which occurs in the traditional journal model. Typically, a publication in a data journal consists of an abstract, introduction, data description with methods and materials and a short conclusion on reuse opportunities.

Fundamentally, data journals seek to:

  • provide an accessible and permanent route to the dataset;
  • provide a detailed description of the methods and analysis used;
  • explain vocabulary and standards used in the dataset;
  • describe potential uses for the data;
  • promote scientific accreditation and reuse.

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