Create your DMP online

With DMPonline you can write, share and download your data management plan (DMP) online.

The benefits of DMPonline

The DMPonline tool offers templates specifically made for researchers at Utrecht University and UMC Utrecht. These contain example answers and guidance relevant to the Utrecht researchers.  

Most research funders also use DMPonline. When you select such a funder you will be offered the template of this funder with some guidance from Utrecht University or UMC Utrecht.

For NWO and ZonMw you may use the Utrecht templates. Only if you are supported by another funder that has not (yet) approved the Utrecht University or UMC Utrecht DMP, then you select the proper funding organisation by typing its name.

Create DMPonline account and link it to your Solis-ID

  1. Go to the website of DMPonline
  2. Click on “Sign in with your institutional credentials"

    3. Select or type “Universiteit Utrecht “
    4. Use your Solis-ID log-in credentials
    5. Create a DMP-online account. This will now be automatically linked to your institutional credentials from here onwards.

    Create DMP with Utrecht University or UMC Utrecht template:

    1. Go to the website of DMPonline.
    2. Select the “Create plans” tab and fill in the fields as follows
    3. Please check the upper box when you are just testing!
    4. Select ‘Utrecht University’ or ‘UMC Utrecht’ as primary research organisation
    5. Select ‘No funder’ to get the template for Utrecht University DMP or UMC Utrecht DMP
    6. After Creation, check in the Plan overview tab whether you’ve got the right template
    7. You may then start answering the questions under the Write Plan tab. Please remember that you start with filling in as much as you can, but that you can and need to complete your DMP during your research. Make sure you update the plan for example after 6 months, 12 months etc.
    8. Share your DMP with fellow researchers or a data supporter. To do that go to the tab Share, fill in the e-mail address of the specific person and give edit rights.
    9. You can go to the  Download tab to save a Word or PDF copy of your DMP and store it in your research folder. In that way everyone in your research team has access to it. At every update, overwrite the copy, so you always have the most updated version in your folder. 
    10. You may use the Request Feedback tab to send your DMP to RDM support where it will be reviewed by a UU data consultant. This is required by most NWO and ZonMw grants.

    For further information, contact RDM Support at Utrecht University or your division data manager at UMC Utrecht.

    With DMPonline you can:

    • Write your plan and keep up-to-date
      You can easily update your DMP throughout the lifecycle of a project
    • Share plans online
      DMPonline allows collaborative access, so you can share your DMP with other researchers, within and outside of Utrecht University.
    • Create multiple plans
      You can store different DMPs for different projects. And you can make a copy of a previous plan as the basis for writing a new one.
    • Download plans
      You can download your DMP in a variety of formats.


    • For support in filling in your DMP, follow the online training Learn to write your DMP. After each module you are invited to apply your freshly gained knowledge to write or adapt your DMP in DMPonline.
    Click to visit the tool DMP online