Drafting a data policy or protocol

If your faculty, research group, or project needs a specified data policy or protocol, RDM support can help you with examples, a set of 'pick and choose guidelines' and a broad set of expertise. Or we can help you draft a policy plan.


Icon of a data policy
  • University Policy Framework for Research Data
    Experts of Research Data Management Support have helped set up the University Policy Framework for Research Data. Now, faculties have been asked by the Executive Board to specify their own research data policy/protocol. We will gladly assist you in developing such a policy/protocol. 
  • Guidelines for data management for YOUth Cohort Study
    For the YOUth Cohort StudyRDM support was involved in developing the 'Richtlijnen databeheer Youth' and 'Youth gedragscode' (in Dutch, English on request).