The research data repository DataverseNL

What is DataverseNL?

DataverseNL is a research data repository. A platform where researchers and their collaborators can deposit, share and publish their datasets openly. The datasets within DataverseNL are findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable to the whole scientific community and therefore you work via the open science principles.

Can I use DataverseNL?

DataverseNL is available to all employees at Utrecht University. Within DataverseNL we have our own Utrecht University dataverse environment. Would you like to start using DataverseNL? Then click on this guide and it will lead you the way through this repository.

How can I use DataverseNL for my research?

Researchers at Utrecht University can create a DataverseNL account by logging in with their institutional account using their Solis-id. Within the Utrecht University dataverse platform, each faculty has a dataverse in which employees can create datasets.

For what kind of data is DataverseNL suitable?

Any type of research data can be published through DataverseNL. It’s a generic data repository. It can therefore be qualitative and/or quantitative in nature, and may include audio files, video files, interview transcripts, data spreadsheets, literature references, text documents, books, programming scripts, software scripts, analysis scripts, etc. DataverseNL has no restrictions on the type of data. It is especially suitable to quickly publish supplementary data, to either articles during the submission process or additional files related to a PhD-thesis.
We assume you’ll only publish data you have produced yourself, or have permission to share with other researchers.

DataverseNL and sensitive data

DataverseNL is technically capable to store sensitive data, by restricting access to the files that contain sensitive data. It is however, not advised as publication of personal data depends on more factors than the platform wherein they are published. If you have data containing personal information, please contact your privacy officer or RDM support for advise on how to publish these.

The advantages of DataverseNL

DataverseNL is a quick, easy, and a simple repository to publish your research data taking into account the FAIR principles. Your data will be:

  • Findable and Accessible – by supplying a persistent identifier (DOI) to the publication

  • Reusable – by adding a license to your data (Creative Commons License or your own preferred license)

  • Shareable privately before publication

  • Harvestable – by popular search engines

In addition, active support for DataverseNL is available at Utrecht University’s RDM Support to help you with anything you need while publishing your data.

What are the costs for storing and/or publishing data?

There are currently no costs associated with using the DataverseNL repository for datasets - up to 10GB. Contact RDM Support if you plan to upload more than 10GB per dataset. For larger datasets, 10GB and more, Yoda is a more suited platform.

Your guide to DataverseNL

Here you will find your guide to DataverseNL with all information needed to start using Dataverse.


Do you have questions or would you like help? Please contact RDM Support.

For UMC Utrecht researchers

Since July 2021, UMCU Utrecht researchers have their own DataverseNL environment. It is the preferred data repository for UMC Utrecht researchers to publish datasets from completed parts of studies or research projects. More information can be found on Connect.

Use cases and stories

Publi Prize winner Niko Wanders tells about sharing research data via DataverseNL in this RDM Story. You can find the full dataset here.