Open Science Framework

With Open Science Framework (OSF), you can:

  • Manage your project
    Keep all your files in one centralized location, including preregistrations, preprints, code, data, protocols, etc.

  • Easy collaboration
    Anyone can create an account (e.g., with your ORCID) and be added as collaborator in a project.

  • Control access
    Share only what's relevant by creating public or private (sub)projects.

  • Use third-party services to store data and code
    You can connect selected third-party services like GitHub, Dataverse or Figshare directly to your project to store your data and code.

  • Publish your output with a license and a persistent identifier
    OSF allows for publication of output stored at OSF. Be sure to add a DOI and a license to allow citation and reuse.

Go to Open Science Framework. On this page you'll find the guide to help you use Open Science Framework.