IT-innovatieprogramma voor onderzoek

Research IT focuses on Research Data Management and e-Infrastructure, with the aim of supporting and relieving Utrecht University academics in conducting transparent, sustainable and ethically qualified research. 

In 2016, Utrecht University established the Research IT innovation programme. The programme allows extra investments to be made in IT for researchers for a five-year period. 

This increases the quality, effectiveness and visibility of the research, makes interdisciplinary research simpler and makes it easier to meet national and international standards for academic research.


Researchers can turn to Research IT for solutions and advice related to:

Research Data Management:

  • Support;
  • Data repository (storage systems for research data);
  • Data catalogue.


  • HPC services;
  • Transport and Connectivity;
  • Storage.


In september 2017 the Research IT programme started a fund for small, innovative research projects by researchers of Utrecht University. The goal of this innovation fund is to supply start-up capital for good innovative ideas in the field of IT and research. Please visit this page for more information. 


Experts from the Department of Information and Technology Services (ITS), the University Library and the faculties collaborate in the programme team. The team is led by Programme Manager Menno Rasch.


A steering group is in charge of the decision-making process in the programme. Members of this steering group include Carolien Besselink from the ITS Department (chair and commissioning party) and Prof. Raimond Snellings (also chair of the Advisory Council).


The programme is advised by an Advisory Council comprising professors from all of the faculties:

  • Prof. Raimon Snellings (Sciences, chair);
  • Prof. Dick Heederik (Veterinary Medicine);
  • Prof. Kit Roes (Medicine);
  • Dr Derek Karssenberg (Geosciences);
  • Prof. Joris van Eijnatten (Humanities);
  • Prof. Wolter Hassink (Law, Economics and Governance);
  • Prof. Irene Klugkist (Social and Behavioural Sciences);
  • Anja Smit (Director of the University Library).


If you need help or have any questions on general Research Data Management issues, IT solutions, information security, privacy, legal or ethical issues in the context of research data management, please visit or contact