Wrap-up IT-onderzoek 2016 - 2021

Looking back on the Research IT programma

The mission of the Research IT programme (2016 - 2021) was to improve the quality of research through facilitating solid data management from collection to publication.

Scientific research produces ever larger amounts of datasets that are increasingly complex. The mission of the Research IT programma was to facilitate an environment in which research data of all kinds can be stored safely and in line with policies on academic integrity and intellectual property. We offer, or can guide you to, services that support the effective and responsible use of data.

In 2016, Utrecht University established the Research IT innovation programme. The programme allowed extra investments to be made in IT for researchers for a five-year period. See the overview of approved applications here

Read the interview with the former programme manager, Menno Rasch: IT and research in a closer embrace - News - Utrecht University (uu.nl)

Example of Research IT

Our scientists often collaborate with our university's IT professionals. This video features four scientists who, together with an IT specialist, were able to organise their work more efficiently and effectively.