Research Support

Research Data Management Support

Utrecht University pursues integrity, sustainability and transparency in dealing with research data. Research Data Management Support offers the associated training, tools, guidance and support. On this page you will find research data management tools and services. 


Pure is the university's research data registration system. Researchers can manage their research and data easily in this system.


With MyPhD PhD processes can be monitored and registered. Students and promoters can track the progress of the research.

First time registration:

PhD project:


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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence produces management reports.


SPSS is a statistical support package used in teaching and research.


QSR NVIVO is a software package that can be used for the qualitative analysis of primarily textual information and is mainly intended for students and personnel in the faculties of Social and Behavioural Sciences, Geosciences, Humanities, Medicine, and Law, Economics and Governance.


Yoda is a service that provides Utrecht University researchers and their partners with a workspace and an archive that enables them to collaborate, deposit, publish and preserve research data.