Application new projects

The Contesting Governance Platforms welcomes the creation of new, interfaculty collaborative projects that explore specific themes relevant to the Platform. Projects are encouraged to organize events and apply for funding opportunities. They will be promoted on the website and a limited amount of funding will be made available to help support the establishment and operation.

To apply for a project, two main criteria must be met:

  1. Interfaculty collaboration within the UU: projects are specifically designed to enhance interfaculty collaboration and must comprise at least three individuals from two (preferably three) different faculties. Projects are thus not intended to act as individual projects, or as projects originating from one faculty only.

  2. Active: projects must organise events or engage in some type of scholarly activity. This can be, for example, workshops, lectures, masterclasses, or different forms of student engagement. For ideas, see Contesting Governance past activities.

Additionally, it would be beneficial for a project to show interaction with societal partners. This can be a focus on either Community Engaged Learning (CEL) or public engagement.

Please include the questions below when applying for a project. Submissions can be uploaded via this link. This application form can be submitted all year round.

  1. Introduce your team

  2. Provide a brief description of the research theme of your project

  3. Please describe how the relevance of your project relates to the core themes of the Contesting Governance Platform

  4. Please provides some examples of proposed activities

  5. Please provide a brief overview of the proposed budget (you can apply for a maximum of 1000 euros per year)