Episode 2: Surveillance

In this episode Dr. Tessa Diphoorn and Dr. Brianne McGonigle-Leyh discuss the concept of ‘surveillance’ together with Dr. Lauren Gould and Dr. Machiko Kanetake, who both work at Utrecht University.

Lauren Gould is an Assistant Professor in Conflict Studies and director of the Intimacies of Remote Warfare program. In this project her research focuses on understanding how remote warfare is legitimized, what military alliances are forged, what technologies are used, and how these actors and technologies interact and have impact on civilian harm.

Machiko Kanetake is an Assistant Professor of Public International Law and member of the Management Board of the Utrecht Centre for Regulation and Enforcement in Europe (RENFORCE). She is interested in the interactions between national and international law, particularly before domestic courts and international courts and tribunals.

In this episode they examine the concept of ‘surveillance’. How is the concept used in the field of Public Law versus Conflict Studies? Is surveillance inherently linked to technology and is there such a thing as good and bad surveillance? You’ll hear all about it in this episode!

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Prof. Dr. Lucy Suchman (Anthropology)

Prof. Dr. Louise Amoore (Political Geography)

Dr. Marijn Hoitink (International Relations and International Security)

Jennifer Gibson (Reprieve)

Prof. Dr. Jolle Demmers (Conflict Studies)



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