Episode 4: Security

In this episode Dr. Tessa Diphoorn and Dr. Brianne McGonigle-Leyh discuss the concept of ‘Security’ together with Anthropologist Dr. Erella Grassiani, an Associate Professor at the University of Amsterdam, and Prof. Dr. Beatrice de Graaf, a historian and a security & terrorism researcher at Utrecht University.

Where did the concept of security originate and how did it develop over time? Do they use the concept differently? Together they discuss the concept and address many of its aspects, such as its presumed neutrality. Find out more about it by listening to this episode!

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Alaa Al Aswani, The Yacoubian Building

Boyd, William. 1981. A Good Man in Africa

Diphoorn, T. G., & Grassiani, E. (2020). 'Why do we need your research?': The Ethics of Studying Security and the Dilemmas of the Anthropologist-Expert. Journal of Extreme Anthropology, 4(1), 116-134.  

Sullivan, Gavin. 2020. ‘The Law of the List: UN counterterrorism sanctions and the politics of global security law’, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.



Prof. Dr. Martijn Eickhoff – director of NIOD

Prof. Dr. Marieke de Goede

Prof. Dr. Rivke Jaffe

Reinhart Kosellec

Jeremy Bentham

Lauren Gould and Jolle Demmers – Remote Warfare



Face Value, an exhibition by Rosa Wevers until October 10


Jeremy Bentham is showcased and preserved at University College Londen