Episode 9: Youth

In this episode Dr. Tessa Diphoorn and Dr. Brianne McGonigle-Leyh are joined by Isis Freitas Vale Germano, a lecturer and researcher in the arts at ArtEZ, and Dr. Thijs Schut, an (economic) anthropologist at the Universiteit van Amsterdam, to  discuss the concept of ‘Youth’.

In this episode they examine the concept of ‘youth’. Is the concept interchangeable with the concept ‘childhood’? What reasons are there to move away from the concept ‘youth’ and should ‘young people’ be used instead? And what role can art and theatre play in our understanding of youth?

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Schut, T. 2021. ‘In the middle of things’: on educated un(der)employed young people’s pragmatism and idealism in rural Indonesia. Children's Geographies19(5), 579-590. https://doi.org/10.1080/14733285.2020.1838442

Mead, Margaret. 1928. ‘Coming of Age in Samoa: a psychological study of primitive youth for Western civilization.’ New York: William Morrow and co.

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