Episode 10: Diplomacy

Episode 10: Diplomacy

In this episode, Dr. Tessa Diphoorn and Dr. Brianne McGonigle Leyh discuss the concept of ‘Diplomacy’ together with Lorena de Vita and David Henig. Dr. Lorena de Vita is Assistant Professor at the Department of International Relations at Utrecht University. As a researcher she mainly focuses on various ways of cooperation in international politics. Lorena de Vita is also the coordinator of the MA International Relations in Historical Perspective and won the 2020 Teacher Prize for 'creating a learning environment where debate and exchange are central'. Dr. David Henig is Associate Professor of Cultural Anthropology at Utrecht University. He mainly wants to understand how people remake their lifeworlds after dramatic societal ruptures. In his research, he focuses on – among other things: conflict and co-existence; violence and memory; Muslim politics; and secularism and sovereignty.

In this episode they examine the concept of ‘Diplomacy’ and how it has developed over time. The hosts discuss how they respectively use the concept of diplomacy and whether there are differences/similarities in their approach. In addition to this, they discuss how the disciplines of International Relations and Anthropology can reinforce each other when using the concept of ‘Diplomacy’.

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