Episode 7: Queer

In this episode Dr. Tessa Diphoorn and Dr. Brianne McGonigle-Leyh are joined by Dr. Marjolein van den Brink, a lecturer and researcher at the Netherlands Institute of Human Rights (SIM), and Astrid Kerchman, a research assistant and junior teacher at the Graduate Gender Programme (GGeP), to  discuss the concept of ‘Queer’.

When did the concept of queer emerge and how is it used in different disciplines? What are important themes in queer theory? In this episode, many aspects of the concept queer are addressed, and differences and similarities are pointed out.

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Books and articles

Van den Brink, Marjolein. 2000. ‘Als je geen barbie wilt zijn, hoe weet je dan dat je een vrouw bent? De inbedding van sekse(on)gelijkheid in het recht.’ In R. Holtmaat (Eds.), De Toekomst van Gelijkheid (pp. 29-44), Deventer: Kluwer, Publicatie van de Commissie Gelijke Behandeling.

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Prof. Dr. Theresa de Lauretis

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Dr. Damien Gonzalez-Salzberg



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