Podcast: Travelling Concepts on Air


Travelling Concepts on Air is a podcast series that explores the promise and ideal of interdisciplinarity. Interdisciplinarity is increasingly projected as an objective goal within academia, framed as something that both encourages and facilitates collaboration across fields and disciplines. In this podcast series, we question some of these underlying assumptions by focusing on the idea of travelling concepts. Travelling concepts refers to concepts that ‘travel’ across disciplines and often act as the focal point for interdisciplinary efforts. With this podcast series, we are interested in posing the following questions:

  • Why and how do concepts travel across disciplines?
  • How do concepts change across disciplines?
  • Why do particular concepts travel when others don’t?
  • What are the benefits and limitations of travelling concepts?
  • Do such concepts allow scholars to ‘speak’ across disciplines?

We address these questions by organizing monthly sessions wherein guest speakers will unpack various concepts, such as sustainability, war or citizenship, delineate how they are used in their disciplines, and discuss what this entails for interdisciplinary scholarship. Each session is thus centered around a particular concept. The organisers– dr. Tessa Diphoorn and dr. Brianne McGonigle Leyh – will host and interview two scholars per session, who each use a particular concept in a specific (and often different) way.

Listen to the trailer to get a first impression.