Global Justice Investigations Lab

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Globalization and the growth of digital technology has meant that knowledge and information can spread like never before. This also means that misinformation and fake news are on the rise, making it more important than ever that students develop skills of critical inquiry that cross disciplinary boundaries. Through open-source investigation techniques, students can learn to identify, document, verify, analyze, and evaluate open-source material such as news reports, social media posts, and satellite images. Their work can also contribute to reporting and advocacy around the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by tackling issues such as food security and deforestation as well as human rights and international justice.

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Working together with societal partners on real-world projects, Utrecht University has set up a UU Open-Source Global Justice Investigations Lab, which aims to combine digital innovation with new media literacy. The Lab provides an innovative and ground-breaking way to:

(1) equip students with the interdisciplinary skills and ethical considerations required to learn how to conduct open-source investigations and evaluate open-source material (relevant across disciplines); and

(2) bring students, teachers, and societal partners (e.g., technology companies and civil society organisations) together to work towards addressing global challenges to drive SDG progress. The Lab is both about learning something new (digital knowledge and skills to become critical global citizens) and about innovative ways of learning: through an international and interdisciplinary community of students, teachers and societal partners.

The first iteration of the Lab will take place in study periods 2 and 3 of 2023-2024, on Wednesday afternoons and Friday mornings.

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