RechtOpLeren - The Right To Learn

Bert van der Zwaan, College van Bestuur
Professor Bert van der Zwaan

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RechtOpLeren - The Right To Learn

The RechtOpLeren (the right to learn) trust fund was established in 2018 by Prof. Bert van der Zwaan and Dr Wilma Wessels of Utrecht University. The occasion was Bert van der Zwaan’s resignation as rector of the university. The fund’s objective is to support initiatives and projects aimed at helping refugees and other disadvantaged people develop their talents to the full, either by aiding their moving on to tertiary education or by enabling their access to the Dutch universities and especially Utrecht University.

In doing so the fund contributes to the university’s inclusiveness as well as to that of the town and province of Utrecht in general, especially in relation to such disadvantaged people.


On 26 March 2018 professor Bert van der Zwaan presided for the last time as rector over Utrecht University’s dies natalis or founding day. He has reached the age of 66 and is retiring. ‘So now is a good time to take up other matters’, says Van der Zwaan.

No idleness for this pensioner: ‘I am already working on a second book on universities as well as one on the arts and sciences in general’, he continues. It’s hot desking for me from now on, either at the university’s law school or its library. And I’ll be looking for ways in which to help those who are not so good at helping themselves. Refugee students, for instance.  I still have a lot of energy, so I must find a meaningful way to use it.’