Become a Student Friend

...and receive a UU hoodie as a welcome gift!

The Utrecht University Fund supports students. As a Student Friend you not only support the scientific and personal development of students in Utrecht, but you can also apply for a grant yourself. So if you want to follow a summer course abroad, organise a special event, have a great idea, but don't have enough financial means or want to participate in a congress, apply for a subsidy. And for just 10 euros per year you don't have to, because you get the UU-hoodie (normally €32,50) for free!

Why become a Student Friend?

  • As a Student Friend you can also apply for a grant yourself at the Utrecht University Fund.
  • As a welcome gift you will receive the limited UU-hoodie (normally €32,50)
  • For only 10 euros a year.
  • Your donation will go directly to the subsidy fund for students (associations). In this way, you also support your own student organisation.
  • Throughout the academic year you have a chance to win free tickets that are raffled off for events organised with the support of the Utrecht University Fund.

Please take note: you will need a Dutch IBAN (bank account) to be able to become a Friend. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Become a Student Friend!