The Utrecht University Fund board is made up of six board members (alumni of Utrecht University), including one member of the University's Executive Board. The board is made up of the following people:

Mr L. J. Hijmans van den Bergh, Chairman

Lodewijk Hijmans vd Bergh

Lodewijk Hijmans van den Bergh (1963) studied Dutch Law (1982-1986). He is a partner at law firm De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek, where he started his career as a lawyer after graduation.

Between 2009 and 2015 he left the firm to take a seat in the Board of Directors of Royal Ahold. 

In addition to his work in the legal profession, Hijmans van den Bergh holds several other positions.He is Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of HAL Holding N.V. and a member of the supervisory boards of the Netherlands Cancer Institute/ Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Hospital and Air Traffic Control of the Netherlands.

Drs H.S. Miedema MBA, Vice Chairman

Harald Miedema

Harald Miedema (1970) studied Physics and obtained an MBA degree at Stanford University. Miedema is partner at PhilDelphi Corporate Finance, an independent specialist in merger and acquisition.

Miedema previously worked at McKinsey, Booz Allen Hamilton and AFM.

Ms Ernestine Schimmelpenninck, Treasurer

Ernestine Schimmelpenninck portret

Ernestine Schimmelpenninck (1962) is an alumnus in Law. She is director of asset management at Fair Capital Partners. She works from the conviction that conscious and responsible investment is necessary for a better future. She started her career at ABN AMRO and subsequently worked for Rabobank, Schretlen & Co, IBS Capital Management and consultancy agency KplusV, among others. She was previously a board member of Stichting Haëlla Vermogensbeheer.

Prof. José van Dijck

José van Dijck

Prof. José van Dijck (1960) is a university professor of Media and Digital Society at Utrecht University. Her research is about media, social media and media technologies. Van Dijck studied literature and Dutch at Utrecht University (1985) and obtained her PhD in 1992 at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). In 2001 she was appointed professor at the University of Amsterdam. From 2015 to 2018 she was president of the Royal Academy of Sciences (KNAW). Van Dijck holds various other positions. She is a columnist for Het Financieele Dagblad and chairwoman of the board of Stichting De Groene Amsterdammer.

Prof. A. Pijpers

Anton Pijpers

Anton Pijpers (b. 1958) has served as President of Utrecht University's Executive Board since 1 October 2017.

After his graduation from Utrecht University's Veterinary Medicine programme, Pijpers worked as a veterinarian. He also obtained his doctoral degree from Utrecht University and was appointed a Professor in 1993. Between 2000 and 2009, he left the university and worked as the managing director of the Animal Health Service. In 2009, he returned to the university as Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. In 2014, he was appointed Vice-President of the Executive Board.

Drs Paul Stamsnijder

Paul Stamsnijder

Paul Stamsnijder (1968) studied Dutch language and literature. He is the founder and managing partner of the Reputation Group, a strategic corporate communication agency. He advises directors, supervisors and (communication) directors on strategic changes and cooperation processes. He is also active as a healthcare regulator. He has written various books, including one on stakeholder management. In addition to his work at the Reputation Group, Stamsnijder is active in various supervisory boards, including those of the Liliane Foundation and the the Kwadrantgroep. He is also chairman of the reunion association of the Utrechtsch Studenten Corps.

Management: Margot van Sluis-Barten

Margot van Sluis-Barten

Margot van Sluis-Barten is director of the Utrecht University Fund and also head of Relationship Management at Utrecht University. The director and employees of the Utrecht University Fund office are employed by Utrecht University. The CAO of the The Association of Universities in the Netherlands applies to them.