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Annual Report 2023

2023 was anything but quiet for the Utrecht University Fund and the Alumni Office 2023. After three years of turmoil and measures due to the pandemic, this year we again organized plenty of events for alumni and donors. In this annual review, you can read how many resources the fund raised and find a selection of the many special projects supported by the Utrecht University Fund.

In fundraising, the focus has shifted to soliciting more substantial donations. The effect of this approach became visible in 2023. We noticed this in terms of inheritances, large gifts from private donors and the increase in the number of named funds, among other things. In 2023, alumni and other donors raised nearly 6 million euros for education, academic research, student life and academic legacy.

Our university has more than 200,000 registered alumni and this number is growing daily. When it comes to engaging our alumni, much was done by the Alumni Office in 2023. Among other things, we organized the Sharing Days, the annual alumni festival in which we also asked our visitors for a donation for Equal Opportunities to study in Utrecht.

The complete Annual Review 2023 is available in Dutch only. If you would like to receive previous annual reports, please contact us.

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