Become a Friend

The financial support of our more than 12.000 Friends and donors is indispensable. Thanks to our Friends and donors, we are able to provide grants and prizes to researchers and students. Moreover, these friendships enable us to continue to build a thriving university community of which alumni are an integral part. As a Friend you support the Utrecht University Fund with an annual contribution of 30 euros.

Become a Friend

As a Friend you will receive the Friends Pass. With this card you can, among other things:

Check all Friend benefits and discounts (Dutch)

Annual contribution payment

The minimum contribution for Friends is 30 euros per year. In addition, you can make an extra donation at the end of your Friendship. We are always happy to receive an additional contribution since this will enable us to do even more for students and a flourishing academic climate in Utrecht.

Through the application form you authorize us to debit your chosen amount from your account once a year. As soon as you become a Friend, we will debit this amount from your account within two months after your registration. From that moment on, your Friendship runs per calendar year. For student friends, the Student Friendship runs per academic year.

You can no longer choose to transfer your contribution yourself.