Set up your own named fund


The Utrecht University Fund has several named funds that were founded by our donors. You can donate to these named funds or apply for a subsidy.

What is a named fund?

In short, a named fund is 'a charity within an existing fund'.

If you set up a named fund, you determine the name, objective(s) and start date of the fund. This way you outsource the allocation, administration and justification of the fund's expenditures to the Utrecht University Fund. In the Annual Financial Report, named funds and expenditures are stated separately. In this way, your named fund forms a separate and visible part of the Utrecht University Fund.

Establish named fund by bequest

You can also establish a named fund by making a bequest in your will. It is an excellent way of adding a personal touch to your bequest. It is also possible to combine lifetime donations with a bequest. Named funds are often initiated during someone's lifetime and then supplemented from their bequest on their death. This means that even if you do not yet wish to donate the minimum amount of €50,000, a named fund may still be an interesting option. It will ensure that you can enjoy your Fund and its spending during your lifetime.

More info about bequests

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