Student Committee Utrecht University Fund (STUF)

The Utrecht University Fund reserves approximately 80,000 euros a year for subsidies to support the students at our university. This amount is raised by the Friends of the Utrecht University Fund. Both student organizations and individual students can apply for a subsidy.

For and by students

The amount of the guarantee grant depends on the organisation, professionalism, content and impact of the activity or event. Applications are reviewed and assessed by the Student Committee every week. This Student Committee changes every year and as soon as they want to recruit new members (usually around April) this will be posted on their social media and on the website.

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Student Committee 2023-2024

This academic year, STUF consists of:

  • Romy van den Driessche (she/they)
  • Patrick Heuvelman (he/him)
  • Arend van Noort (he/him)
  • Micha van Voorst (they/them)
  • Frank Woutersen (he/him)
De leden van de Studentencommissie Utrechts Universiteitsfonds (STUF) 2023-2024
STUF 2023-2024 from left to right: Micha van Voorst, Frank Woutersen, Romy van den Driessche, Patrick Heuvelman and Arend van Noort


Do you have any questions about an application or a statement, would you like to discuss the possibilities or just want to get to know us? Get in touch with us!

The student committee has office hours every Friday afternoon from 11 am to 3 pm.

Room 0.36 in the Administration Building, Heidelberglaan 8, Utrecht
Telephone: (+31)30 – 253 96 28 (only on Fridays)

Please note: we are closed together with the university on education-free days (for example during Christmas break or on Good Friday). Keep an eye on our instagram page for updates on our availability.