Conditions for STUF guarantee grants

All funding is guarantee funding, meaning that the Utrecht University Fund guarantees that students will receive a pre-determined amount of funding to cover a budget deficit, provided that the expected shortfall in the budget actually occurs. This must be demonstrated by submitting a budget settlement within 4 weeks following the activity. If the deficit on the settlement is smaller than expected, you will receive less funding. If the deficit appears to be the same or higher than expected, the predetermined amount will be awarded, provided all the requirements have been met. So you will not receive any funding in advance, only afterwards.

Basic requirements

  • Funding applications can be submitted up to 6 weeks before the start of the activity.
  • Funding applications must be submitted through the application portal.
  • Applications must be complete.

Each funding application must meet the following formal requirements:


  1. The applicant must be a Friend of the Utrecht University Fund. This applies to individual students (Student Friend) as well as to student organisations ('Verenigings' Friend, email for more information). 
  2. Applicants should be student organisations affiliated with Utrecht University (UU) or UU students.

The project (plan)

  • The application must fall within one of the eligible categories. Please find the categories outlined at the bottom of this page. There are different categories for individual students than there are for student organisations.
  • The application should outline why this project deserves funding and why the project adds value to the academic education of students or adds something to the substantive component of student life.
  • The activity must take place in (or around) Utrecht. Study, music or sports trips are an exception.
  • A project must have several sources of income. The applicant should have a robust financing plan that shows the various sources of income balanced with one another. The Utrecht University Fund will only fund activities with at least one other source of income, providing for at least 70% of the total budget. Other sources of income may include:
    • private contributions (from the association)
    • participant contributions or income from ticket sales
    • sponsorship
    • other funds
  • The guaranteed funds should be spent on essentials, such as speakers and the venue of the event. The Utrecht University Fund will not fund drinks receptions, but it is aware that this may form part of certain activities eligible for funding. The amount spent on a drinks reception, lunch or dinner should be in reasonable proportion to the essentials.
  • (Former) members and participants should be informed that the project was partly made possible by the Utrecht University Fund. For that reason, a key requirement is that applicants draw up a plan, outlining the way in which they plan to promote the Utrecht University Fund as a result of having been awarded funding.
  • We kindly request that the logo of the Utrecht University Fund be printed/placed on at least the following:
    • Posters
    • Programme booklets
    • Entrance tickets
    • Website
  • We expect any activity being organised to be accompanied by a message posted on Instagram or LinkedIn regarding the activity with a tag to the Instagram or LinkedIn account of the Student Committee of the Utrecht University Fund.
  • All large-scale events (100 participants and up) must use the banner provided by the Fund and display it at the event. The banner can be collected between 11.00 a.m. and 3.00 p.m. on Friday at our office in the Bestuursgebouw (Heidelberglaan 8, room 0.36) the week before the activity.
  • In the event of insufficient promotion of the Fund, the awarded amount will be reduced by 25%. If any promotion of the Fund is absent entirely, the awarded amount will be reduced by 50%.
  • The requested amount is at least €100.
  • We would be most grateful for at least two free tickets to any performance/concert/symposium that is organised.

If your funding request does not meet the requirements outlined in the above, the application will not be eligible for guaranteed funding.

Additional requirements for individual students

Individual students may request funding from the Utrecht University Fund, with key requirements being that you must be a student at Utrecht University and that you will not receive any ECTS credits for your project. Students can make a single application per degree. A Bachelor’s and Master’s degree are considered to be two separate degrees in this case.

Funding applications that do not meet the above requirements will not be considered.