Our motivation

Prof. dr. Bert van der Zwaan en dr. Wilma Wessels

Prof. Bert van der Zwaan and Dr Wilma Wessels joined Utrecht 1636 immediately after the establishment of the network. In 2018, they also introduced a Named Fund: the Right to Learn Fund.

Bert van der Zwaan: "We think Utrecht 1636 is a wonderful initiative to support not only our fund, but also the other important university goals."

"It is distressing to see that a dichotomy is rapidly increasing in Dutch society; as a result, groups such as refugees, or children who grow up in disadvantaged neighborhoods, are disadvantaged, which can affect them for the rest of their lives. Everyone has the right to good education to shape their future: instead of money or birthplace, talent must be the deciding factor. Talent therefore deserves support, also from Utrecht University, which contributes very directly to a better society. We want to commit ourselves to that; hence the idea to found the Right to Learn Fund".