Pay It Forward

Our university is looking for solutions to the challenges of today and tomorrow. In order to realise this, your support is needed. Will you help contribute to a better future?

We proudly present the four projects of our 2023 campaign. Your donation will make a big difference and will fully benefit the project of your choice.

Contribute to equal opportunities to study in Utrecht

Internationale studenten volgen college.
Photo Kees Rutten

Support from parents or the government is not something that everyone can take for granted. That's why Utrecht University has scholarship programs for talented students.

Care about Utrecht's Pearls of Glass

Afbeeldingen van 3 van glas geblazen zeedieren ook wel Blaschka's genoemd
Photo Guido Morafico

Utrecht University Museum holds a unique scientific collection of glass models of marine animals made by father and son Blaschka. At the time, these Blaschkas were necessary to study marine invertebrates. To preserve the centuries-old collection, they need to be restored. 

Contribute to Wadden Sea plastic-free

Plastic flessen op het strand
Photo Robert Plesko

Utrecht University is conducting research into sea currents that cause plastic waste to spread in the ocean. Thanks to research, we can predict where and when plastic will wash ashore, so that targeted clean-ups can prevent it from damaging or washing back into the sea.

Contribute to regenerative medicine

Photo Ivar Pel

The 3D bioprint technique makes it possible to build tissues. Researchers are combining algae with this printing technique to develop larger living tissues such as cartilage or heart in the future.

Paying it forward

Every year the Utrecht University Fund calls upon alumni and Friends to contribute to scholarships and projects focused on education, research, academic heritage and student life. Donate using iDeal or Paypal.

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The Utrecht University Fund is registered as an ANBI (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling). This makes a donation to the fund fiscally beneficial.