Pay It Forward

Our university is looking for solutions to the challenges of today and tomorrow. In order to realise this, your support is needed. Will you help contribute to a better future?

We proudly present the four projects of our 2024 campaign. Your donation will make a big difference and will fully benefit the project of your choice.

1. Contribute to equal opportunities to study in Utrecht

Today's students are the thinkers, innovators and leaders of the future. And how badly we need them. Just look at all the big issues and problems facing our society. Not every student can make it without financial support, which is why we try to lend a hand with our scholarship programme. With your donation, we can help even more young people realise their dreams. Will you also show them that you care? Donate for equal opportunities to study in Utrecht.

2. Climate change research

Worldwide, people depend on water from the mountains, which is why it is so important to understand how the climate is changing high up in the mountains. Because glaciers are melting and we face more frequent floods and landslides. UU is conducting research in the Himalayas on climate change. It is not easy to take measurements at high altitude. But with the help of small weather stations, we still manage to collect the data. Help us and donate a weather station.

3. Research on chronic pain

Chronic pain reduces the quality of life of many people. Medications often lead to serious side effects such as addiction, gastrointestinal problems and kidney failure and are therefore only used for a short time. A characteristic feature of chronic pain is that the pain persists even though the tissue damage or inflammation has already healed. Why is this and how can it be treated properly? An interdisciplinary research team is working hard to find a solution. Contribute to life without pain.

4. Donate to biodiversity

What is evolution? And why is evolution actually so essential for the flora in our ecosystems? We explain this in the Evolution Garden at the Botanical Gardens. We are almost ready for the grand opening in 2024. It will be beautiful, the Evolution Garden as a green time machine. To make it a true voyage of discovery for young and old alike, we are building educational installations. Those installations are expensive. Will you help explain the power of evolution? Give to education about biodiversity.

Paying it forward

Every year the Utrecht University Fund calls upon alumni and Friends to contribute to scholarships and projects focused on education, research, academic heritage and student life. Donate using iDeal or Paypal.

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The Utrecht University Fund is registered as an ANBI (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling). This makes a donation to the fund fiscally beneficial.