Pay It Forward

Our university is looking for solutions to the challenges of today and tomorrow. In order to realise this, your support is needed. Will you help contribute to a better future?

We proudly present the four projects of our 2022 campaign. Your donation will make a big difference and will fully benefit the project of your choice.

Contribute to equal opportunities to study in Utrecht

Studenten studeren in de Universiteitsbibliotheek

Students increasingly need financial help to study. Support from parents or the government is not something that everyone can take for granted. That's why Utrecht University has scholarship programmes for talented students. With your donation you help young people to make their dreams come true.

Contribute to biodiversity research

omgekrulde top van een varenblad

Many animal and plant species are losing their natural habitat or disappear altogether due to the effects of climate change. The consequences of this loss of biodiversity are enormous. The Utrecht Botanical Gardens are developing a new Evolution Garden, for education and research on biodiversity.

Contribute to human and animal health

The same chronic diseases occur in both humans and animals. Researching this is known as One Medicine and leads to better diagnostics and treatment for both. The Utrecht Translational One Medicine Innovation Centre takes the cooperation between the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and UMC Utrecht to a higher level.

Contribute to refugee students

Incluusion students in a classroom

Thanks to Incluusion, refugees can take courses from the regular programmes offered by Utrecht University free of charge. This way, newcomers can continue to develop themselves and participate in society even before they have been granted a status.

Paying it forward

Every year the Utrecht University Fund calls upon alumni and Friends to contribute to scholarships and projects focused on education, research, academic heritage and student life. Donate using iDeal or Paypal (in Dutch only) or visit our crowdfunding page.

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The Utrecht University Fund is registered as an ANBI (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling). This makes a donation to the fund fiscally beneficial.