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Workshop on Interactive Digital Narrative (photo: Hartmut Koenitz)
1 October 2018
The summer course Multidisciplinary Game Research was held from 20-24 August 2018.
Judith Masthoff
16 August 2018
How can you create a playlist of songs that will keep everyone in the gym happy?
Prepdoc: empowering elderly people in conversations with healthcare professionals
20 July 2018
With the digital tool Prepdoc that is being developed, older patients can practice in order to be better prepared when they see a real doctor.
Close-up van een oog van een jong kind.
6 June 2018
Children spend too little time playing outside and are staring at screens too much. That not only affects your eyes, but your spacial skills as well.
Meisje met stoepkrijt
1 May 2018
During a health hackathon, neurobiologist Heidi Lesscher worked on a new app that will stimulate chronically ill children to play more.