A unique lab that aims to develop technology for human-like digital humans for socially interactive experiences. We do not only aim to develop the technology but also aim to evaluate our results taking a human-centric approach.

We are the only lab in the Netherlands at this scale and one of the few worldwide that allows simultaneous and detailed capture of multiple actors in a multi-modal manner including facial expressions, body movements, finger tracking and audio. It also enables fully immersive VR experiences using the whole body.

Our goals

  • Develop systematic methodologies and techniques to generate and evaluate Socially Interactive Avatars/Virtual Humans in XR and games (plausible, trustable, personalized)
  • Collaborate with industrial and societal partners to incorporate their needs and to reduce time-to-market (e.g. set-up uni-industry funded collaborations)
  • Educate next generation top researchers and students in this field (PhDs, postdocs, masters and bachelor students)
  • Make Utrecht University a central place for virtual human research in XR/games and strengthen the position of NL world-wide