Summer schools

Each year Game Research offers a summer school for students worldwide. Through interdisciplinary courses, workshops and lectures, the students get an inspirational introduction to Game Research. Read more about the upcoming and past summer school courses 


Game Technology

In the Game Technology study programme, students learn all of the basic computer science techniques needed to create computer games and virtual worlds, including programming, networking, interaction technolog, and artificial intelligence. In addition, students learn how to work in a team, together with game designers. In this study programme, students can earn a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, with a specialisation in Game Technology. Upon completion of the study programme, they can attend the two-year Research Master’s programme Game & Media Technology, as wel as many other computer science and information science master programmes.

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Minor Game Studies

The Game Studies minor is aimed at students with an affinity for the study of games and play, specifically in the field of computer games. This makes the minor ideal for students who want to expand their knowledge of games as a cultural phenomenon and for those students who wish to approach play and games from a broader context. Apart from art history, philosophy, communication and literary science, this also includes beta and social science perspectives. The Game Studies minor is an excellent preparation for the Master’s programme New Media and Digital Culture.

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New Media and Digital Culture

During the one-year Master’s programme in New Media and Digital Culture, you will delve into the many aspects of what it means to live in an age of new media. Guided by an international team of experienced scholars, you will assist with current research projects and learn to reflect critically on how present-day cultures are shaped by games, social media, internet activism, apps, data visualisations, mobile devices, algorithms, and participatory platforms. You will also complete a research internship to complement your theoretical knowledge with hands-on practice. By actively taking part in ongoing research, you will build an extensive network of international connections that will help you start a promising career.

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Research Master

Game and Media Technology

The Research Master’s programme in Game and Media Technology provides you with both fundamental and applied knowledge of the techniques for building and analysing games, interactive virtual environments, and images, video and music.  Both the technology-centered and the user-centered perspective are taken. You will gain the skills to perform research, analyse, and solve scientific problems. Together, this set of knowledge and skills are the tools for application in games, web-services, interactive systems, education and training modules, e-coaches, and simulations. Game and Media Technology graduates are highly valued employees in many companies and research facilities.

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Media, Art and Performance Studies

The Research Master's programme in Media and Performance Studies focusses on the wide range of media and performance phenomena found in contemporary culture, including digital media such as online (social) media, games, and mobile and/or location-based media. We approach this field from a comparative perspective, focusing primarily on the position of emerging media within cultural transitions, as well as the relationship between media, culture, and society in a global context. Students can choose courses, tutorials, internships and a research stay abroad related to games and play as well as write their thesis in the field of game studies. This programme will train you as a researcher within Media and Performance Studies and prepare you either for a PhD position or for research-oriented positions at governmental organisations, cultural institutions or in the creative industries.

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Graduate Programme

Game Research

The focus of the Graduate Programme Game Research lies on the computer science and humanities aspects of games. We perform research and education on the development, application and socio-cultural context of (serious) games and simulations, for example with regard to persuasive technologies and interaction, artificial intelligence, software technology, and virtual worlds, in relation to subject areas like playful-smart cities, health, education, and safety. This involves the use of innovative game technologies and concepts, including design, production, validation, and deployment, as well as new forms of using games themselves in social contexts. Applications to participate in the Graduate Programme are open to the students of the participating research master programmes Game and Media Technology and Media and Performance Studies.

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