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Albert Salah
1 April 2019
As of 1 April, Albert Ali Salah is appointed as Professor of Social and Affective Computing at the Department of Information and Computing Sciences.
29 March 2019
Springer published 'CyberParks – The Interface Between People, Places and Technology' (open access), a book co-edited by Michiel de Lange.
27 March 2019
Gaming was something you do on your own, right? Not at all, according to dr. Sander Bakkes. He tells how gaming can become a social intervention.
20 March 2019
Gaming is becoming more and more accessible. Assistant Professor Margot Peeters researches gaming addictions, the negative consequences of excessive gaming.
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18 March 2019
The consortia that are still in the running have now each been awarded one million euros to develop more detailed plans.