Looking back on the first Week of the Game

In the week from 13 to 17 May, the Utrecht Center for Game Research organized various activities across the whole game spectrum, from the latest game research to retro games such as Super Mario Bros. Participants could also participate in a location-based game and an escape room. René Glas spoke to NPO Radio 1 about the event, and RTV Utrecht covered the event with radio items on both Monday and Friday.

Smart students

One of the activities was a networking lunch for students and game companies. Per Slycke was present with his company Moveshelf, a cloud service for 3D motion data, with applications ranging from movement analysis for rehabilitation to animation of game characters. "We have just started this company, and we have more ideas and questions from customers than we can work out ourselves," says Slycke. "That's why we're looking for smart students who can help us, both technologically and in terms of content."

In addition to students, Slycke has also made contact with other companies that were present, such as the UU-spinoff DialogueTrainer. "Maybe they can enrich their virtual assistant with our motion data, so that non-verbal communication is also included in the interaction."

"Felt like a gift"

Anouk van der Lee, master student Artificial Intelligence, spoke with Moveshelf during the networking lunch. "Coincidentally, I am taking an elective course in Computer Animation, and that really fits very well with what Moveshelf does. It's great to see how this technology is used in industry, and what kind of research is still being done." Still, Van der Lee doesn't see herself applying directly to the company yet. "My master's degree is in a different direction, so for me it was mainly inspiration. It really felt like a gift."

A look back: