The Utrecht University School of Governance (USG) has a strong interest in innovative policy instruments. The general focus of our research program is governance in the public domain. (Serious) gaming is one of the instruments of governance since it could be used, for example, to stimulate healthier behavior, to train for dangerous situations, to stimulate safe driving and to engage citizens in urban planning. Many options have been identified but little is known about the actual contribution of gaming to the effectiveness of government policies. The USG has a keen interest in exploring an evaluating this potential of (serious) games and simulations.
In addition, the USG has the ambition to experiment with the potential of gaming for education. It is our attention to add gaming and simulation elements to several courses at both the bachelor’s and the master's level and to test whether it contributes to the realization of learning objectives.
More information about gaming as a policy instrument: prof. dr. Albert Meijer
More information about gaming in educational programs: Tom Overmans MA

More information about gaming as an instrument to promote senior citizens' social inclusion: prof. dr. Eugène Loos