Artificial Intelligence

Characters in games can be considered as autonomous agents whose behavior and interaction in the game world is based on artificial intelligence. Also for effective interaction between the game and the user artificial intelligence and decision making is required to understand the user and provide the best (learning) challenges. Games generate huge amounts of data that require sophisticated data analysis techniques to interpret and expoit.

Throughout our society, people are confronted with complex problems for which they need to take decisions or construct solutions. We focus on the design and analysis of intelligent, knowledge-based systems that aim at supporting human decision makers to improve the quality of their decisions.The basic concepts underlying these systems are techniques for acquiring knowledge.

Keywords: (Multi-) agent systems, agent languages, argumentation systems, graphical probabilistic models, data mining, big data, decision support systems, optimization, machine learning, knowledge systems, evolutionary computation, decision and game theory, network algorithms, simulation, planning, operations research, normative systems, cognitive modeling.

First contact: John-Jules Meyer