Interaction Technology

Interaction between users and their environment, virtual worlds, and various media types plays an essential role in games. New interaction methodology, like the use of body movement and bio-signals are increasingly used in games. The rapid introduction of mobile devices again introduces new forms of interaction in which for example the real world is augmented with a virtual layer.

Interaction between various media, virtual worlds, users, and their environment is playing an increasingly crucial role in society. This cluster will focus on the design, development, analysis and evaluation of new concepts, models and algorithms for innovative interaction, taking aspects such as validation, efficiency, efficacy, perception, cognition and emotion into account.

Keywords: Multimedia analysis, information retrieval, pattern recognition, computer vision, sound and music analysis, multi-modal interaction, augmented reality, mobile interfaces, tangible interfaces, adaptive interfaces, bio-signals, sensor information, internet of things, human and behavior models.

First contact: Remco Veltkamp