The Utrecht Center for Game Research is chaired by an executive board consisting of Prof. Remco Veltkamp (Faculty of Science) and Prof. Joost Raessens (Faculty of Humanities).

Executive board
Humanities - Institute for Cultural Inquiry (ICON) - Media and Performance Studies
Humanities - Department of Media and Culture Studies - Media and Performance Studies

The steering comittee is made up of further representatives of the participating research groups.

Steering committee
Social and Behavioural Sciences - Psychology - Experimental Psychology
Social and Behavioural Sciences - Education and Pedagogy - Education
Social and Behavioural Sciences - Education and Pedagogy - Education

The research domains are represented by the respective coordinators. 

Research Domains

Games for Learning

Coordinator: Prof.Liesbeth Kester

Assistant coordinator: Dr.Marieke van der Schaaf

Games for Health

Coordinator: Dr. Tanja Nijboer

Games for Change

Coordinator Sustainability: Prof Joost Raessens

Coordinator Social Inclusion: Dr. Frank Dignum

Coordinator Smart Cities: Dr. Michiel de Lange

Coordinator Conflict and Security: Dr. Roland Geraerts / Stephanie de Smale PhD