The Utrecht Center for Game Research is chaired by an executive board consisting of Prof. Remco Veltkamp (Faculty of Science) and Prof. Joost Raessens (Faculty of Humanities).

Executive board

The steering comittee is made up of further representatives of the participating research groups.

Steering committee

The research domains are represented by the respective coordinators. 

Research Domains

Games for Learning

Coordinator: Prof.Liesbeth Kester

Assistant coordinator: Dr.Marieke van der Schaaf

Games for Health

Coordinator: Dr. Tanja Nijboer

Games for Change

Coordinator Sustainability: Prof Joost Raessens

Coordinator Social Inclusion: Dr. Frank Dignum

Coordinator Smart Cities: Dr. Michiel de Lange

Coordinator Conflict and Security: Dr. Roland Geraerts / Stephanie de Smale PhD