Yvoor Fund

Goal: stimulate international development of ambitious students from Utrecht
Founded by: mr. Yvonne van Rooy, Chairman of the Executive Board of Utrecht University from 2004 to 2012

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The Yvoor Fonds provides scholarships to give students the opportunity to stay and study abroad, for example as a participant in a Summerschool. This named fund was founded by mr. Yvonne van Rooy.

Van Rooy studied law in Utrecht and returned in 2004 as chairman of the Executive Board. Prior to that, she was, among other things, State Secretary for Economic Affairs and Member of the European Parliament on behalf of the CDA.

Who are eligible for a scholarship?

Students of (social) associations who are socially active within or outside their association, for example in boards or committees. The course the student takes abroad is preferably outside their own discipline, for example, a language course. In this way, the student is challenged to broaden his or her horizon.

In my career, I have benefited greatly from the opportunities I had during my degree programme to spend time studying abroad. I would like today's generation of students also to benefit from these experiences and this impact. I also believe it is important for students to broaden their perspective rather than merely focusing more intensively on a specific subject.

Yvonne van Rooy