Van Leerzem Fund

Goal: contribute to clinical law. research by young researchers in the field of internal medicine
Financed by: bequest Johanna Alida van Leerzem (1933-2018)

In 2018, Utrecht University received the largest bequest in its history. Johanna Alida van Leerzem left her entire estate, with a net worth of 1.2 million euros, to her alma mater. The bequest will be managed by the Utrecht University Fund. Ms van Leerzem’s generous contribution is facilitating clinical scientific research by young scientists in the field of internal medicine.

Which studies are eligible for subsidies?

The fund is aimed at patient-oriented scientific research and fundamental research conducted by the Internal Medicine and Dermatology division of University Medical Center Utrecht. You can apply for subsidy via the DIGD secretariat (mail to the DIGD secretariat-division management).

Conditions for an application:

  • research initiated from the DIGD;
  • original scientific research initiated by a young researcher (<35 years);
  • an addition or matching of research already awarded within the 2nd-4th flow of funds;
  • research whose social relevance (the actual achievement of a step forward in healthcare) can be demonstrated.

According to Prof. Dr. Carlo Gaillard, internist neurologist and head of the division Internal Medicine and Dermatology UMC Utrecht, the fund is an important support for young researchers. For example, research into hemophilia by Dr. Merel Timmer, post-doc researcher, and physiotherapist at UMC Utrecht and lecturer in Physiotherapy Science, has already been supported by the Van Leerzem Fund. Thanks to Annie van Leerzem's legacy, she can conduct targeted research into how physiotherapists in the neighbourhood and physiotherapists in centres of expertise can improve cooperation and care.