UCU Fund

Goal: preserve and foster diversity by providing financial support to highly qualified students, who would otherwise not be able to afford an education at UCU.
Founded by: Utrecht University College

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University College Utrecht (UCU) provides about 60 scholarships each year to promising students who would otherwise not be able to pay for a study at UCU. Financial contributions vary from 3,000 euros for a partial scholarship, to 12,500 euros for a full scholarship. The amount to be awarded is determined on the basis of the candidate's financial situation.


  • is the international undergraduate Liberal Arts and Sciences honors college of Utrecht University;
  • is a place for motivated students who have broad academic and social interests and an international orientation;
  • has a strong international character; there are more than fifty nationalities among the student population.

Also: UCU-students bring in diversity with regard to experiences, lifestyles, religions, languages, and social and cultural backgrounds. This vibrant and international environment provides all of our students with an unique opportunity to study, live and make friends with people from all over the world!

Who are eligible for the scholarships?

Students who wouldn't be able to come to UCU without that support. An interdisciplinary education such as Liberal Arts and Sciences at UCU can only flourish when the student population represents a wide variety of social and economic backgrounds. The UCU determines annually who is eligible for a scholarship.

UCU Fund Advisory Committee

The UCU Fund Advisory Committee oversees the allocation of the available resources of the fund and advises the board of the University Fund on the selection of scholarships. The advisory committee consists of UCU's Director of Education, financial controller, staff representative, a representative from UCU's alumni population and an external advisor.

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