UCU Scholarships

UCU Fund

Every year, University College Utrecht awards approximately 60 scholarships to highly qualified incoming students who would otherwise not be able to afford a UCU education. These scholarships vary from partial scholarships of €3000,- to full scholarships of €12.500,- depending on the financial need of each student..

The UCU scholarships are funded from UCU’s resources, contributions from the UU Excellence Scholarships and by donations from students, alumni, friends and other stakeholders. Your gift is a crucial way securing the diversity of the college, one of our most important aims.

Hanna Szabó, class of 2015 ½

Hanna Szabo

"Receiving a scholarship to study at University College Utrecht opened up a whole new world of opportunities for me.

Without the funding I would have never had the chance to pursue a degree abroad, and combine my interests in political science and performance art in a single study programme."

Usman Mahar, class of 2014

Usman Mahar

"I see the Utrecht University Fund, the UU Excellence Scholarship Fund, and the various other sources that fund the UCU scholarships as catalysts, essential to my intellectual and personal growth. They afforded me the time and mental space to participate in various extracurricular, social and civic activities whilst keeping my complete academic focus. 
While the scholarship enabled me the freedom to live a healthy campus life during my time at UCU, it also meant that I could finish my degree with the required academic proficiency and results. Proficiency and results that I needed to get into my preferred master's program at Heidelberg University. As I head towards the end of my degree here in Germany, I cannot help but think that a big reason I am here today is the scholarship that I received at UCU." 

Otilia Ciobanu, class of 2012

Otilia Ciobanu

"As a fortunate awardee of the UCU scholarship, I can wholeheartedly say that it made an unequivocal contribution to my career path. My whole experience at UCU was life-changing and the fact that the UCU Fund believed in me and granted me a scholarship in a moment of financial turmoil gave me the confidence to persevere and follow my dreams. I will be forever grateful for this chance since I was subsequently able to pursue two Master degrees and I am currently working for the institution I was aspiring for. This opportunity changed the course of my life and I can only hope that other peers get to be offered a similar chance that would enable them to believe in themselves and follow their dreams."