Course information

Utrecht University offers a large number of courses taught in English at both the Bachelor level and Master level. Are you considering taking courses at UU?

Make sure to take the following important matters into account:

  • You need to select at least 2 courses per block.
  • You can choose courses from a maximum of two faculties.
  • At least half of the courses should be at the main faculty of your choice.
  • Make sure you meet the prerequisites (if any) and the level of a course. 
  • Because University College Utrecht and University College Roosevelt have different academic calendars you cannot combine courses at UCU or UCR with courses at other faculties.
  • Holidays may differ slightly per faculty. Take this in account if you consider courses at different faculties.

Virtual Mobility options:

No options available for 2021-2022. We currently expect that the majority of courses will be a combination of online activities and classes on location. Some classes may be fully online. For more information on your classes, kindly check your schedule. Note that Utrecht University will continue to monitor the Covid-19 situation, and policies on virtual classes or classes on location may be revised depending on the guidelines of the Dutch Government and Dutch National Health Institute RIVM. We however expect all exchange students to be physically present in Utrecht.

Faculty course information

Select a faculty or honours college for course information: