Arriving and living

We look forward to welcoming you to Utrecht University! But first, you will have to arrange a few things like housing, insurance or in some cases a visa.

Studying in Utrecht

For general information about studying in Utrecht as an international student, please read our Welcome to Utrecht website. For instance, you will find information on how to open a bank account, how you can join a sports club or a cycling crash course!

Housing and Visa

For you as an exchange student, there are a few things you will need to arrange that are different for exchange students: Housing and Visa.

Warm welcome

The UU Welcome Week is the ideal way to start your stay in Utrecht! This week is aimed at international students that are just arriving in Utrecht. You can get information about practical matters, meet your fellow students and get to know more about student life in Utrecht. There will be a general part for all international students and you will also be invited to events specifically for exchange students from your faculty. Since there are many different activities, there is something for everyone! 

Warm welcome